Madova gloves shop

Something that I forgot to bring to Florence were my gloves (bought in Monsaraz for more than 20 years ago…). Knowing the local tradition of the leather industry, I asked the Italian colleages for suggestions on where to buy gloves in Florence but they told me that now everything was done in China. In disbelieve with the inability of local manufacturers to fight globalisation, I tried the net to find some possible resistants and there it was: “Madova Gloves – the only glove factory in Florence”.

Apart from the factory, they have a small shop on Via Guicciardini 1R, just off the ponte vecchio. This is a traditional store with small shelves full of gloves covering the walls. On top of the counter there are small round pillows for the customer’s elbow while the employee checks if the size and shape of the glove are suitable for the customer´s hand . With my best “italianese” I chose some brown gloves with cashmere lining. In the end I remembered to ask if they also have wallets (heresy): “No, mi spiace, solo guanti.”