RT @Unbabel: What an amazing #LxMLS. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it and helps making it better every year! See you next time 👋 @is LuisCaldasO photo

Fernando Pereira: automation makes people more effective creating new opportunities for work #LxMLS @istecnico https://t.co/7Kyvv8fJXj LuisCaldasO photo

Thinking machines panel @istecnico integrated in the Lisbon machine learning summer school #LxMLS2017 https://t.co/m1metdIRaM LuisCaldasO photo

Halle Freyssinet: the former train station that became Station F @joinstationf Wilmotte Ass. https://t.co/qdalwaPj9y https://t.co/TgV7n761pn LuisCaldasO photo

Station F: a 34.000 sq m startup campus in Paris @joinstationf, an excellent model for @istecnico learning center https://t.co/mFfUVc5PAW LuisCaldasO photo